Friday, February 21, 2020

with his never-seen-before ‘ESP’ Presentations, at the Bombay Seacoast meet, at Otters Club - Bandra, on 26th Feb. 2009.

‘Amazing’.... ‘Outstanding’..... ‘Awesome’.....
were the expressions heard in the over-flowing Otters Club’s Banquet room, as Deepak unfolded an electrifying evening with ‘Never-Seen-Before’ demonstrations !

Generating Electricity with the Windmill principle and producing a ‘Bolt of Lightening’ from his bare hands was shocking enough !!!

The Mastermind presented another hair-raising ‘Fear Factor’ performance, wherein, he banged his palm down on 8 paper cups... one of which had a 6” pointed nail vertically positioned and hidden - unknown to Deepak.

Needless to say, the audience screamed for more and more.... and Deepak obliged.
Yes.... those present were left gasping.
Those who missed it.... missed a lifetime experience.

Deepak honoured the Club by requesting President Virendra Widge to re-launch his Book, ‘Unlock Your ESP Potential’ ( by Magna ) which just in 2 month of its release is a best-seller No. 5 at leading bookstores.

Incidentally, Deepak was trained into the science of ESP since the age of 11 and it took him almost 20 years before he could make a successful demonstration.

However, it was during the 2002 recession, he took to presenting shows seriously and reduced focus on the ad. business and within weeks Deepak RAO was on a trail blazing success !

With over 500 Corporates  ( as of Feb 2020 ),
booking him repeatedly – globally, for his
Incredible ‘Extra Sensory Perception’ Show....
Mumbai based - Deepak RAO
is India’s Numero Uno
Stage Star Performer and Corporate Celebrity !

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